Oksana Bulgakowa SERGEI EISENSTEIN - Three Utopias

Architecture models of a film theory

The Press’s first publication, by Oksana Bulgakowa, resulted from many years’ research in the archive of Sergei Eisenstein (1898 – 1948). In it the author analyses three of his unusual theoretical projects: the spherical montage book; his visions of a Gesamtkunstwerk; and a universal analytical model that would be equally valid for Wagner and Utamaro, Dostoyevsky and Disney. The book also describes his sketches for three unrealised films: Glass House (1926/30), Moscow in the Course of Time (1933/47); and The World Off the Top of the Head (1945), which engaged polemically with the architectural utopias of the 1930s. This book introduces a series of publications of Eisenstein texts that have hitherto been either unavailable in German, or only available in extracts.

304 Pages | 33 Graphics

ISBN: 3-9804989-05

available in German only