About PPMedia | PotemkinPress

  • We make books on film and New Media (in German and in English).
  • We are focused on Eisenstein, Vertov and the Russian/Soviet Avant-Garde (Malevich etc.).
  • We (try at least to) sell them. :)
  • We are located in Berlin but we have a small branch in San Francisco (where we worked for seven years).
  • We founded PotemkinPress in 1996 - after the death of all East German film & media publishers (within the new freedom).
  • In 2004 we added PPMedia - for easier pronunciation but not only: we started working practically on New Media (DVD & web)   
  • We are running our online shop since 1999 - and (you won't believe) it works.
  • Our team is very small. But if you have an interesting book or film to publish - we will print it (of course for free)! 

To contact us, please go here...